Refreshing a hosting brand from 0 to hero.

I enjoy working with Venelium. Two months prior to the Venelium web redesign, I prepared some marketing material for the company and now I am happy to present the redesign with bright, bold colors and an engaging design language, user experience, fleshing out what I had started.

From the client

“Well, what can I say about Mantas? He's everything you want in a website developer. He delivers everything he makes on time or even beforehand, all of his work is completed to the best quality and his communication is brilliant. I'll keep on coming back - absolute star!”

Theo Wood,
Director of Venelium Hosting


While I did not make the original logo, I made a vector version of it specifically for the website and during the process also edited the typography as well as the shape of the logo glyph mark.

Here is a before and after.

Old logo
Old logo


The new color palette encourages gradients and bright, bold shades of orange, yellow, and somewhat red color.

Old logo

Signature (Ad)

The first GIF is the ad which is live in used by Venelium. The second is my original with more animations and such. However, the owner decided to make his own simpler version.



The introduction of the much bolder and easier to read Playfair Display makes the whole design feel more premium and well-done while the body text is just the already familiar user’s default system font with some extra tweaks for better readability.

Typography comparison


I am quite proud of this one. To see the beauty in full, take a look at the site live. Please note that this is the website before any edits were made by Venelium staff.

See it live

Integrating WHMCS

Implementing the same colorful brand into an easy to use panel was the goal here. To preserve stability for WHMCS, not too much was changed, but the code for the footer, typography, and buttons, for example, is very close or identical.

See the before (default WHMCS look) and after.

WHMCS before and after

Thread design (marketing material)

Thread design
Published July 9, 2019
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