A small new hosting provider hired me to design for them.

I worked on this not too complex commission after my summer vacation and in the midst of my start at Vilnius University. Therein, this was more of a break from Socrates and Orwell than actual work. Felt like it, anyway.

Finished design

Final work included:

  • WHMCS theme mimicking main (marketing) website style
  • Main marketing website (source code for use with Hugo on Netlify or for compiling and uploading static files anywhere)
  • Logo and short brand kit

A word on fonts

Trade Gothic is the font for the logo as mentioned early.

The site, however, for its headings uses Univers Expanded.

Lastly, I picked Chivo for the website’s main body text in a heartbeat, because it had the kind of geometric, modern feel I was going for and paired perfectly with Trade Gothic and Univers.

Keep scrolling to see the progress, thoughts behind the design, and more. Or view the gallery.

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Logo and first concepts

As with many other projects, I started with some abstract ideas, asking quesstions like “Where do I want this to go?”

The answer, in this case, was in the name: “Redundant.” For instance, redundant storage is many hard drives copying data to make sure that if those hard drives go out of service, there is a backup. Technology progresses and we get more and more from manufacturers.

This idea of progress, redundancy, stabillity, even — it was the building block for the logo (a placeholder at least).

Now, all good logos have some text and I was dying to use one of these bold wide grotesque sans typefaces or as I like to call them — “stretchy fonts.”

Finding suitable fonts like these was difficult (for me, anyway). This one is called Trade Gothic LT Std.

Logo only with text

Next, I tried to add some discerniable (memorable) geometry to the logo.

One of the scrapped logos

One of the scrapped logos

Boxes didn’t work, so I went for circles instead, alternating in Y height. If needed, these shapes could be animated, similarly to the animation Google Assistant uses when it is listening.

And this was the final result. This logo is not restricted to one background, meaning the logo fill could be any color from a pure white, pure black to any other number of colors (although blue and red are the main ones as per the brand kit).


Taking shortcuts

Like many other client projects of mine, the budget is relatively small. I am also, as mentioned earlier, studying at university, so splitting my time between everything efficiently is vital.

Making websites is a lot like making art. I would say it is art. And all artists know that not all will be a 10/10, even if they put all their energy into it. However, I want to also prove how making a site, at least for an experienced person, is a matter of repetition and implemenetation of best practices.

The website has a similiar core to my other projects, Soecifically, I write my own custom CSS and carry it along with me like my personal framework for (most) of my large projects. But even without my common code, all sites have the same stuff:

  • A navigation bar with some useful links
  • A footer with less useful links and niche information (or just an indicator that the page has no more content on it)
  • Callouts, buttons, dropdowns, alerts, other common UI elements

However, what you can have fun with and experiment with is the "feel" of the site, so, the branding:

  • Color palette
  • Illustrations, iconography
  • Typography and everything that comes with it
  • Content, easter eggs, etc

And that is how I am able to make sites for people in a short amount of time on a budget that still look good.

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Published September 30, 2020
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