When you take away all the fancy shit, all that’s left is the art.

My philosophy with Eggylyte’s website was simple: make her art the center piece while making it easy to get some background information about her and her commission process.

Who is Eggylyte?

Eggylyte (real name Eglė) is a high school student and self-taught artist currently based in Lithuania. She mostly specializes in creating realistic and stylized portraits as well as various environments.

Before I befriended this incredibly kind and talented individual, Eggylyte was seeking new ways to improve her commission process. One part of that was creating a website for her that let the art speak for itself.


It is about as barebones as it gets.

The first versions of the website gave the visitor a lot more options upon first visit. The current rendition is basically an image grid with a few links, buttons, and a fixed hamburger menu that hides most options with the logo to keep the branding visible at all times.

View live

Eggylyte website menu


Her logo serves as a minimalistic watermark. The text is in Brandon Grotesque Regular and Black with a slant of 0.75° for a subtle effect that makes the logo look less straight and ordinary.

Eggylyte logo

Art Hub

The Art Hub is a Discord community started by Eggylyte for her friends and acquaintaces to freely share their drawings and hang out.

The first icon was simply small Comic Sans text on a white background.

Even before I really got to know Eglė I drafted up a server icon. It took many weeks for the end results you see here.

The Art Hub design language is extensible and matches the Eggylyte website, watermark. As for symbolism, the circles are eggs and the background color is Eggylyte’s favorite color.


I introduced Eggylyte to MC-Market. While in the end she decided to not focus on advertising in this community, I had prepared a thread design as some marketing material based on earlier versions of her website.

It could be improved, but it has many of the elements you should recognize by now.

Eggylyte thread design


As her friend, all of the work you see was basically done for free, although during the website development process she drew a portrait of me which could be seen as payment.

However, generally speaking, this is an exception, not the rule.

Published February 2, 2019
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