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It’s currently cool in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Terms and Conditions
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What is your pricing?

Get in touch and describe your request in as much detail as possible.

I give pricing on a case-by-case basis.

Transaction fees and taxses are factored in seperately into the final price.

Do you work for free?

No, with the exceptions of charities for initiaves I do genuinely care about.

How can we pay you?

I only accept payment in Euros.

You will pay for the transaction fees, taxes, any other applicable extra charges (they will be included in the invoice).

Your payment options are: bank transfer with an IBAN (you cover the fees for sending the payment from your bank, if there are any) and PayPal (4% Goods and Services fee).

I usually request the full payment to begin working, but for larger projects I can take a 50% deposit (or, in other words, partial payment). Once I am done, you send the remaining part of the payment.

Will I get previews?

Yes, ASAP and as often as possible. I will tell you when I begin working.

Do we need to meet?

Nope! Almost always I discuss the needs of the project, invoice the client, and do the work remotely. If you want to meet in person, we can arrange it in a public place like a restaurant or a coffee shop.

Can I get a refund?

I rarely give refunds. For a full breakdown, please see the Refund Policy.

What tools do you use?

For design, I use Figma for almost everything. If need be, I open paint.NET for extra edits.

For web development, I use Visual Studio Code (still have Atom installed, though) with Git Bash, Netlify, and Hugo as my main stack. I am a front-end guy, so I only really need to work with HTML5, CSS (specifically SCSS), and JavaScript (and oddities like TOML, YAML).

How did you learn all these things?

I am self-taught. Just search, search, and search. Search specific things once you learn the fundementals (like the syntax of CSS). Learn a lot, research a lot. Develop taste. Do whatever you want to be good at over and over again. Over time, you will have experience and a taste palette.