I, Mantas Vilčinskas, am an 18-year-old multi-faceted creative.

I am currently finishing high school and planning what to study next (most likely poltiical science).

I have not let one field restrict me. I enjoy writing, designign, and playing with technology — most of these skills of mine were self-taught. You could call me a child raised by the internet which is both a marvel of the 21st century and an admiteddly scary thing. I also like learning about history, geography. Obviously, I like music.

In terms of work, I mm a freelacer working remotely since 2018, creator and maintainer of cState — a FOSS status page software, and designer for

In 2019, my last year of high school, I started an educational project called Edukamentas. It is actually a fairly rapidly growing entity, the lessons I have learned in the past six months are worth an entire blog post to discuss, maybe later.

In 2018, I represented my hometown at the National English Language Contest where dozens of Lithuania’s nerdiest freshmen and sophomores competed, I took 5th place. Reason I mention this is because from this point on, despite the event being of little significance today, it made me reconsider my worth at the time and gave me some perspective.

That is all (for now).

Professional Skills


  • Modern web UI/UX
  • Raster design
  • Calligraphy and typography
  • Figma prototypes
  • Vector logos
  • Branding guides


  • HTML5, CSS3
  • SCSS (Sass)
  • JavaScript
  • Git source control
  • Netlify (Hugo, Jekyll)
  • Basic accessibility


  • Copywriting
  • Engagement
  • Adobe Premiere (video editing)
  • Speaking
  • Analytics and SEO

FAQ, CV and contact information