Mantas Vilčinskas is an 18-year-old multi-faceted creative.

He has lived in Lithuania for all his (admiteddly short) life. Here he is finishing high school with A levels in English, Lithuanian, Geography, History as well as B levels in Math, Biology, and Art (overall with a GPA of 3.6/4) and hopes to be studying in Vilnius University by the end of 2020.

Mantas has done a lot of things in his life, not letting one field restrict him; he is a passionate writer, designer, technologist — all self-taught, a child raised by the wonders of the internet. He is also interested in things such as geography, history, politics, and music.

He has been freelancing and working remotely since 2018, maintains open source projects such as cState, and helps with design for

In 2019, his senior year, he founded a rapidly growing educational websiteandonline entity, mostly for Lithuanian high schoolers known as Edukamentas. Mantas values his education and hopes that other people will find value within the books they pour through. This biography is also written in a style of a typical Lithuanian literature coursebook.

In 2018, Mantas represented his hometown at the National English Language Contest where about 100 of Lithuania’s 9th and 10th graders got together to write and speak. He took 5th place. From this point on, a lot of has changed in his life, despite the event being of little significance today, it proved to be a great confidence boost and a glimpse of what could be in the near future.

He looks unto the city lights with hope for the future; he is available for hire and, through thick and thin, looking on what to embark next.

You can follow his endeavors online on Twitter and Instagram under the name Mister Mantas.

Professional Skills


  • Modern web UI/UX
  • Raster design
  • Calligraphy and typography
  • Figma prototypes
  • Vector logos
  • Branding guides


  • HTML5, CSS3
  • SCSS (Sass)
  • JavaScript
  • Git source control
  • Netlify (Hugo, Jekyll)
  • Basic accessibility


  • Copywriting
  • Engagement
  • Adobe Premiere (video editing)
  • Speaking
  • Analytics and SEO

FAQ, CV and contact information